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Here in , the Baltimore Colts and the Dallas Boys met up for Extreme Bowl V at the particular Orange Bowl in Miami, Florida. It was the 1st Super Bowl played after your completion of the AFL-NFL Merger. As part for this merger, the teams have been completely divided into two conferences: the National Football Seminar (NFC) and the U . s Football Conference (AFC). Any AFC champion Colts happen to be defeating the NFC Good results Cowboys – in among the list of sloppiest Super Bowls for NFL history.

The Colts finished ordinary season by winning your current AFC East with wonderful – – record. Dallas Cowboys News and Gear were a veteran team contributed by -year-old quarterback Arthur Unitas. His favorite spots that season were considerable receivers Eddie Hinton also Roy Jefferson and impending hall of fame restricted end John Mackey. Several players combined for receptions, , yards, and touchdowns. Baltimore’s biggest strength appears to be its defense. Bubba Robinson wreaked havoc on some sort of defensive line as an actual defensive tackle, and god was backed up basically two of the far better linebackers in the Nhl in Mike Curtis and as well as Ted Hendricks.

They also had more than two solid safeties in Jerry Logan, who had 6 months interceptions for yards and additionally touchdowns, and Rick Volk, who had four interceptions. Dallas’s biggest strength was its defense. The Cowboys’ defense was particularly major in the six online game leading up to mega senses Bowl. They allowed a single touchdown over the warm your muscles. Future hall of fame defensive tackle Bob Lilly anchored the defensive line, and he had linebackers Lee Roy Jordan, Dork Edwards and Chuck Howley behind him at linebacker. On offense, Dallas needed to deal with a qb controversy between Craig Morton and Roger Staubach.

They alternated as rookies during the regular month or year before coach Tom Landry settled on Morton for all of the second fifty percent of the season. The Colts were trying to receive themselves from Super Serving III when the Rhode island Jets beat them at one of the biggest upsets in Good Bowl history. The Boys were trying to leak their past as efficiently. They had established a reputation as a reasonable regular season team only one that couldn’t get one done in the 2010 playoffs. In the past five seasons, the Cowboys received more games ( the ) than any alternative professional football team, they will had never won the league title.