Beginner’s Guide to Anal Sex Toys

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Anal stimulation is associated with some powerful orgasmic experiences. Whether it is for solo session purposes or just to spice up your sex life, obtaining anal sex toys allows your play to take on a whole new dimension. While some people stick to the normal dildos for their anal play, these may be too much to take especially for beginners.

Anal sex toys are ergonomically designed to make penetration easier especially since the sphincter muscles are rigid and stretching them out becomes a bit difficult. If you are planning on starting out your anal play journey, here are some toys you may want to look into;

Anal Beads
Anal beads consist of graduated spheres that are connected together by a flexible material. The spheres are graduated in size, with the smallest beads being at the start. This makes it easy for insertion as the smaller beads require very little sphincter expansion. Anal beads are ideal for both beginners and those with experience in anal play. The beads have a loop or simple handle to ease the removal of the beads. Whether it is for solo play or couples play, anal beads make for simple yet highly effective toys for anal play.

Anal Dildos and Tools
These may not be for beginners but once you get the required experience, they are very effective at delivering the powerful sensations that you crave. These dildos are designed to effective stimulate the prostate gland in men and the back anal cavity wall for Novelty and Edible Underwear women, and this leads to some powerful orgasms.
Anal dildos usually have a tapered tip to ensure that the penetration is easily achieved with the graduating size ensuring that the base makes for the widest part of the toy.

Anal Vibrators
Vibrators are already very popular due to their delivery of powerful and intense sensations that have the body engulfed in bliss. Anal vibrators deliver these sensations in the anal cavity, activating the nerve endings and ensuring that you get some intense sensations that will have you exploding in orgasmic bliss.

Butt Plugs
Anal plugs are synonymous with anal sex toys as they are the first toys that people think about when they hear anal sex toys being mentioned. These are the most popular due to their simplicity, design, variety and effectiveness. With tapered tips and flared bases, butt plugs ensure ease of entry while the flared bases ensure that the plug stays in place.They encompass various sizes, making them ideal for both beginners and those with experience. With the various varieties, you never run out of options to experiment with, making them perfect collectibles for your bedroom play. The vibrating butt plug is a toy that takes the classic butt plug and adds even greater intensity and power to ensure that even your solo sessions deliver some powerful orgasmic experiences.

Douches and Enemas
Deep cleaning before anal play is something many people prefer to do so as to avoid any unpleasant messes. To ease the process, the douches and enemas were created. These devices are designed to dispense water into the anal cavity, flushing out the waste and any residual dirt. Douching/enema should be done with moderation however to avoid any unnecessary health problems.

Inflatable Butt Plugs
Once you have the gist of anal play, sometimes the regular butt plug falls short of giving you the filling that you crave. The inflatable butt plug is designed to ensure that the mega sized butt plugs get a chance to fulfill their duty with ease. The butt plugs are medium sized for ease of entry but once they are fully inserted, they are inflated to their maximum size, successfully filling up the anal cavity to give that full feeling. These are best left to those with a bit of experience as their handling may be a bit complex for beginners.

Male Prostate Toys
Designed for easy access to the prostate gland, prostate massagers are the toys best suited for prostate milking. The prostate massager ensures that the prostate gland is effectively massaged for both health benefits and sexual satisfaction. The prostate massagers are either manually operated or automatic as in the case of vibrating prostate massagers.