LCD vs. LED Gaming Monitors

lcd vs led gaming mointor

There has been lot of debates around the LCD vs LED monitor. You should know that both type of monitor comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Though both types of monitors may look similar in size and thickness, the main difference is the technology that is being used to display the picture. LCD monitor uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps, while the LED monitor uses light emitting diode. The LCD monitor uses the crystals for manipulation of light that is required for creating images. Due to this nature LCD monitor may loss some color or experience dimness.

LED monitors offer better color and brightness than the LCD monitors. The LED monitors can be viewed clearly from different angles and longer distances. These monitor produces soft light that does not strain the eyes of people stare at the monitor for long time. Another advantage of LED monitors is that they do not consume more electricity like CRT and LCD monitor. Therefore, LED monitors become more cost-effective in different aspects. For gaming purposes, one has to buy the best 4k monitors for gaming. Here 4k refers to the resolution, which decides the quality of picture.

One of the main disadvantages of the LED monitor is the high price tag. LED technology for monitor is relatively new and involves costly manufacturing process. When it comes to gaming monitors, you will have plenty of options. Online is one of the best avenues to shop the quality gaming monitors at cheap rates. The online shopping allows you find out the options available. It takes less than a hour to explore the plenty of options online.

You can read the customer and expert reviews of different gaming monitors on the Internet. When buying monitor, make sure that it is compatible with other gaming hardware and software such operating system, graphic card, etc. Online also allow you find the gaming monitor by price and features.

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